Everything is AWESOOOME!

Lego is in every kid’s childhood. Apollo’s 7th birthday party takes “The Lego Movie” theme to a whole new level.  What I loved most about it, is that it has many play stations for the kids, entertainment show and catering for the parents as well.  There were also well thought party goodies and treats for the guests to take home. And who can forget about the awesome life-sized replica of Emmet, the main character in the movie. Really, I gotta say, everything is awesome!

Photographer: Lawrence Del Mundo Photography

apollo lego theme 1
apollo lego theme 3 apollo lego theme 2
apollo lego theme 6apollo lego theme 4apollo lego theme 5
  apollo lego theme 7apollo lego theme 8apollo lego theme 9apollo lego theme 10apollo lego theme 11apollo lego theme 12
apollo lego theme 15apollo lego theme 13apollo lego theme 14apollo lego theme 16apollo lego theme 17apollo lego theme 18apollo lego theme 22apollo lego theme 23
apollo lego theme 19
apollo lego theme 20
apollo lego theme 21

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: LITTLEPOD GUIDE Theme: The Lego Movie

Photographer: Lawrence Del Mundo Photography
Event planner and coordinator: Party Starters
Event Stylist: Style City
Lego table and sand tables: Smart Play
Caterer: The Creamery Catering
Cake & desserts: Swell Sweets Confections
Venue: Ayala Hillside Estates Clubhouse

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