Mildred ♥ Jesse’s prenup had the perfect mix of a prenup, a little bit of fun, a little bit of serious and a whole lot of them. The sandy beaches and lush mangroves were filtered with the warmth of the sun’s glow and the couple’s smiles. We love how they made it fun and playful but still took the time to have a very classy and elegant part in the whole kaleidoscope of their shoot! Just by the first picture, you can bet that these two had fun announcing their engagement with Team Benitez! So why wait when you can scroll down to see the wide array of amazing pictures from this prenup!

JesseMildred-Esession-3 JesseMildred-Esession-4 JesseMildred-Esession-6 JesseMildred-Esession-7 JesseMildred-Esession-10 JesseMildred-Esession-14 JesseMildred-Esession-15 JesseMildred-Esession-17 JesseMildred-Esession-18 JesseMildred-Esession-19 JesseMildred-Esession-20 JesseMildred-Esession-22 JesseMildred-Esession-24 JesseMildred-Esession-25 JesseMildred-Esession-26 JesseMildred-Esession-27 JesseMildred-Esession-28 JesseMildred-Esession-29 JesseMildred-Esession-30 JesseMildred-Esession-34 JesseMildred-Esession-35 JesseMildred-Esession-38 JesseMildred-Esession-39 JesseMildred-Esession-40 JesseMildred-Esession-41 JesseMildred-Esession-42 JesseMildred-Esession-43 JesseMildred-Esession-44 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: BRIDALPOD GUIDE Style: Modern Prenup | Destination Styled Shoot Photos: Team Benitez | Location: Seoul, South Korea

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