We are big fans of the little details that make a wedding the wonder that it is. Louie-Karl ♥ Jepoy’s was no exception. From the gown’s beading to the table settings, every detail was ironed out to perfection. These are the details that get guests in that romantic and nostalgic yet festive mood! With a wedding like this, sparklers are definitely a must! They remind us a bit of pixie dust and let’s not forget how great they would look on the photos! Having Team Benitez capture those sparks fly was one of those details that this wedding definitely did not miss out on.

JepoyKarl-FB-2 JepoyKarl-FB-4 JepoyKarl-FB-5 JepoyKarl-FB-6 JepoyKarl-FB-11 JepoyKarl-FB-12

JepoyKarl-FB-13 JepoyKarl-FB-15  JepoyKarl-FB-21 JepoyKarl-FB-22 JepoyKarl-FB-23 JepoyKarl-FB-25 JepoyKarl-FB-31 JepoyKarl-FB-32 JepoyKarl-FB-33 JepoyKarl-FB-34 JepoyKarl-FB-35 JepoyKarl-FB-36 JepoyKarl-FB-38 JepoyKarl-FB-39 JepoyKarl-FB-40 JepoyKarl-FB-42 JepoyKarl-FB-44 JepoyKarl-FB-46 JepoyKarl-FB-47 JepoyKarl-FB-48 JepoyKarl-FB-49 JepoyKarl-FB-50 JepoyKarl-FB-51 JepoyKarl-FB-52 JepoyKarl-FB-53 JepoyKarl-FB-54 JepoyKarl-FB-55 JepoyKarl-FB-56 JepoyKarl-FB-57 JepoyKarl-FB-58 JepoyKarl-FB-59 JepoyKarl-FB-60 JepoyKarl-FB-61 JepoyKarl-FB-65


BRIDALPOD GUIDE Style: Contemporary Shabby Chic | Color Theme: Red, Peach, Green

Photos: Team Benitez Photo |  Reception  Taal Vista  | Church San Antonio De Padua | Video Juan Makulay | HMUA Lorraine Lorzano Hotel The Hills 

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