Planning Tools

Everything you need to plan your wedding. All in one place.

How It Works

When you sign-up with BridalPod, you will have an All-Access Pass to these helpful and practical planning tools. We’ve created a unique, innovative and first of its kind planning tools that is designed to help you go through wedding planning with ease. And while you’re at the planning stage, you can also create/manage your wedding registry when you become a member of our community. And the best part is, you will be able to manage everything All in One Place with the convenience of mobility, all for FREE!

Wedding checklist will keep you organize and stay sane. Our wedding planning timeline, based on an 18-month engagement, will guide you through your entire planning process.

Manage To-Dos

Start with the checklist that’s personalized based on your wedding date and check off items as you complete them. If your wedding date already passed the 18-month mark by the time you signed-up with us, some of the tasks will display in red. You can edit the date on the task(s) if you haven’t done any of it yet.

Customize, Arrange, & Add Tasks

Your wedding, your to-dos! Edit task(s), due date(s), and notes to make it your own. Or easily add new items as you go to keep all of your wedding to-dos.

Setting a specific budget makes it easier to select suppliers. Keeping your wedding spending organized is key. Using our Budget Planner tool, you can set your budget and compare it with our pre-set budget options. And what is budgeting without able to keep track of your spending? This tool will track your payments and let you stay organized and keep costs in line.

BridalPod’s Starting Estimates

Our Pre-populate budget estimates which are based on industry averages are product of meticulous and extensive research. {Referrals to this site with backlinks are requested for any use, derivatives or mention of our budget starting estimates in any news articles, reports, social media and blog postings}. These five (5) budget estimates – Low, Mid-Average, Average, Mid-High, High – each includes a selection of wedding size (150 pax, 250 pax, 350 pax).

Budget Planner & Estimator

Our Budget Manager pre-loads supplier cost (BridalPod’s Starting Estimates) and also lets you specify and personalized your wedding plan. You can edit/enter your estimates for each wedding supplier (line item) as needed.

Track Your Spending

Track your wedding expenses and wedding payments for reservation fees, deposits and balances.

Let Us Do the Math

With the use of BridalPod’s Starting Estimates or your own estimates, either way, we’ll track your payments and let you stay organized.

Start Listing Who’s To Invite

Begin compiling your guest list. Add guest names or group to your list. You can rename or delete any guest name you don’t need.

Send RSVP Reminders

If you have your guests’ email information, you can send them electronic reminders to rsvp via the Guest List tool.

Real-Time Updates

You don’t need to check your email inbox for your guests’ replies. Our Guest List tool is equipped with real-time rsvp updates, complete with taking notes of the number of attendees.

Start by Adding Suppliers to Your Favorites. Build your Supplier list by category. Add favorite Suppliers to your short list. Create Service Requests.

Lead Generator for Suppliers

This service is a lead generator for suppliers. Suppliers will receive auto-notification when you add them to your favorites. (Notification will appear on Supplier’s Account Profile dashboard). Suppliers on your favorite list, would most likely be invited to your Service Request process, a bidding war. The process will happen in this portal using your supplier member account and not on a third-party website. Coming Soon!

Contact Suppliers

Request for service quotes. Add and Compare.

Service Request – Coming Soon!

BridalPod will add this service to provide an option for brides to create, request and manage a fair, professional process of bidding war among Suppliers.

Suggested Suppliers – Coming Soon!

In the Budget Planner, a list of randomly selected suppliers will pop-up once you start editing (call to action) our pre-set estimated amount for each category. This helps you find which suppliers fall under your estimated budget. {For Suppliers: It’s important for suppliers to fill out the “Price Range” in their profile}