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Category Service Requests Best Offers
Bands & Singers 3 3 Make Best Offer
Cakes 5 7 Make Best Offer
Cars 1 1 Make Best Offer
Caterers 4 4 Make Best Offer
Ceremony & Reception 2 4 Make Best Offer
Coordinators 9 21 Make Best Offer
Crew Meals 1 1 Make Best Offer
Emcees 1 1 Make Best Offer
Fashion Stylists 2 5 Make Best Offer
Favors & Keepsakes 2 3 Make Best Offer
Florists & Stylists 12 15 Make Best Offer
Gowns & Dresses 6 6 Make Best Offer
Hotels 3 6 Make Best Offer
Lights & Sounds 4 4 Make Best Offer
Mobile Bars 2 3 Make Best Offer
Photographers 22 86 Make Best Offer
Props & Decor
Salon, Hair & Makeup 6 8 Make Best Offer
Shoes 1 1 Make Best Offer
Suits & Barongs
Tables, Chairs & Tents
Travel Agencies
Videographers 8 12 Make Best Offer


A 'request and offer' application on which wedding suppliers find to connect with soon-to-wed couples

Initiated by couples looking for suppliers

Couples post budgets per service category

Suppliers 'Make Best Offer'

Couples select the 'Best Offer'

Service Request is another online planning tool by BridalPod where soon-to-wed couples and wedding suppliers connect using the "request and offer" application. A tool provided by our platform where couples and suppliers "find to connect". Initiated by couples looking for wedding suppliers that best match their wedding budget and suppliers return with their best offers. Includes;

  • Budget – price allocated per category. Couples are provided with a 'suggested' average rate to start with. Couples can also do canvassing from BridalPod Supplier Directory where supplier members indicate service price rates.

  • Wedding Details – include date, venue locations (target), pax count, entourage count.

  • Service Inclusions – questionnaires are provided (per category) to couples to fill out and will serve as guidelines for attaching inclusions. Attaching inclusions will help prospective suppliers submit 'Make Best Offer' accordingly.

  • POST your Service Request. Service Request Listing will be available to the public for 7 days.

  • In addition, YOU CAN SEND Invite to Make Offer to favorite suppliers listed in our Supplier Directory.

  • CHECK your email regularly within the course of 7 days to check for offers.

  • REVIEW Offers by suppliers who submitted their Best Offers.

  • SELECT the Best Offer that is best match for you!

  • CONTACT the 'selected' supplier using the 'Message' button provided for to finalize the deal.

  • RELIST your Service Request with no offers after 7 days.

  1. CREATE a Service Request (per category) with your BridalPod account.

  2. PROVIDE this information in boxes provided;

    • Date of wedding

    • Ceremony location (target)

    • Reception location (target)

    • Entourage count

    • Pax count

  3. CUSTOMIZE each request with 'Service Inclusions'. Attaching inclusions will help prospective suppliers submit 'Make Best Offer' accordingly.

  4. CANVASS for Suppliers Rates for guidance. Luckily, no need to go far! BridalPod Supplier Directory is the only directory with rates.

  5. ALLOCATE BUDGET that have proximity to the current industry rates to ensure you receive offers.

  1. GO TO Service Request Listing in your category.

  2. MAKE BEST OFFER with your BridalPod account.

  3. CHECK OUT Service Inclusions for each request - by clicking the Name - to 'Make Best Offer' accordingly

  4. If any, ATTACH Service offer details to describe scope of coverage. The offer will come in with an attachment to describe best offer.

  5. RECEIVE system notification and message from couples when your best offer is SELECTED.

To learn more, go to FAQ Section