Adrian Ardiente

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There is no word to describe how I feel whenever I'm part of a wedding... Being surrounded by a lovestruck crowd in a wonderful and detailed to perfection place while capturing priceless moments of two people, united as one, on their very special day. From my lens, I see two wonderful people sharing the love and excitement of starting a new life together... forever. Sharing my God-give talent to others is one way to express my gratitude to Him for the blessings He continuously showers in my life. It's by His grace that I am able to capture in the most natural way the laughter, smiles and tears of people who matter most in the wedding. My photos will show you the love stories of not just my clients, but my friends. I hope you get the enchantment that I get in weddings through my pictures. It's my passion, your love, turned into art. It would be such my pleasure and honour to share my God-given talent to you on the best day of your life.


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