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Henna Tattoos and More ( Shireens Henna) is luxury boutique offering henna artistry services for all occasions. The henna paste is prepared and packaged in-house and is 100% organic. Shireen’s Henna is known for it's unique style of blending traditional and Arabic henna designs, elegance, and technique.

Through all this, our aim has always remained the same:
Create a better awareness of this exotic traditional art form in Asia
Provide unique and memorable Henna services
Bring together people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds through Henna.

For the Brides who do not like to stain the skin.. We always have solutions.. Hence for the first time in Philippines , Introducing the “White Henna” AKA body Gilding.

The designs remain inspired from traditional henna patterns, but do not stain the skin. They are long lasting, and very attractive!!!


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