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Paul Vincent Photography is a couple’s dream realized in 2005. Paul’s extensive experience in the field of advertising and weddings for 15 years and counting has enabled him to render unique and exceptional photographic style for each client. As PVP’s main photographer, he ensures that clients are provided with the best photography services at par with the highest quality standards and even surpassing client’s expectations. His wife Ayvih is the creative mind behind PVP’s inspirations and artistic renditions of captured special memories aimed to remind everyone that it really feels good to be in love. PVP seizes each client’s special moment in photographs as they share the joys and fusion of emotions in each celebration of love. PVP specializes in photography services only. Their unique Creative-Candid style in photography results to beautiful pictures of unforgettable memories. PVP strongly shares the view that a wedding is a love story unfolding each moment and transcends a lifetime. Weddings are celebrations of love and commitment. PVP believes that there is nothing better than capturing genuine display of emotions and holding on to these memories forever. Love makes us unique. They inspire us to seize special moments as they happen and transform them into beautiful lasting memories. As Paul would always say, “We want you to have pictures that are full of great memories that would bring you back on that day as if it happens yesterday every time you look at your wedding album years from now. This is our goal and knowing that our work brings you back to that time gives us joy that more than words could say. We love what we do, and we hope you will love what we have done for you as well.


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