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Taking photos is my way of expressing my love and passion for life. For me, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a big part of who I am now. It’s my way of telling the whole world that there is a God who shows the truest and deepest form of love; that faith, hope, and love are real; that blessings are best enjoyed in genuine moments, not just in material form. Through my photos, I want to bring out the natural, relaxed, and genuine best moments in you with the people closest to your heart. Through my photos, I want you to remember exactly how you felt on that day and cherish it for as long as you can. I've been shooting weddings for almost 8 years now. Aside from photography, I also love being at the beach or an island, which I dream to live in someday. I like sushi, medium-rare steak, and anything nautical.

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