Palacio de Memoria

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A welcome surprise in the busy and contemporary metropolis, Palacio de Memoria is a cultural purveyor housed in a pre-war mansion, in colonial revival style, dating back to the 1930s. More than its grand exterior and its even grander interior, Palacio de Memoria is a place that holds centuries worth of history. The Palacio showcases the best of Filipino, and European cultural heritage, harkening to a time in our history where Manila and the Philippines was the true Pearl of the Orient.

Book our venues for culture and art events, soirees, and luxe weddings, including our dining areas, galleries, and gardens. View the restored estate and see its beautiful architecture and rooms. This home and its grounds will provide lovers of art and history a vignette of an era revived. Make new memories at Palacio de Memoria, Manila's best kept secret.

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